7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

love personal technology as it has enabled me to improve my productivity. Talking specifically about my smartphone, it has been the best buddy lately. Particularly when it comes to professional tasks, networking, work tracking, and events attendance, I’ve to rely heavily on my iPhone.

We’ve to agree that smartphones have become part of modern life and considered a symbol of fashion too. People are using them only for making calls and sending text but also for socializing and playing games.

However, there’s an interesting fact: People owning premium devices are still unable to capitalize the full potential of their devices. There are certain things that you too might have ignored about your smartphone. Your phone comes with a lot of hidden features and tricks that would save your time and enrich your user experience.

I’ve identified 7 such areas for you!

1. Monitor Your Heart (Instant Heart Rate)

Without the need of any doctor or medical professional, you can monitor your heart rate. Whether you are an athlete or suffering from any heart disease, you can check your heart rate by simply placing the finger on camera lens for ten seconds.

The app will identify the change in color of your finger each time your heart beats and record the pulse rate. The application will keep the record of your tests, which you can share with your doctor to take advice. You can download this application from Google Play and Apple’s AppStore.

2. Foreign Language Translation (Google Translate App)

Just a decade ago, none could have imagined having a device that would translate foreign language in the blink of an eye. Just point your smartphone camera at any printed material such as storefront. The app will display English translation in the live picture.

It can translate languages like Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish and German. Windows and Android users can enjoy the app (even) when they are not connected to the internet. Download from Google Play!

3. Digitize Documents (CamScanner)

Scanning a document needs no big devices and money to spend on when you can do it with your smartphone. The app allows you to take the picture of any document, bills, or photo and get it converted in high-quality Jpg or PDF format. The app comes with other custom options to adjust lighting and available for Android and iOS users.

4. Detect Metal (Metal Detector)

It is not easy to find dropped screws, nails, and other metal things. However, your phone can manage this job smartly. The apps use the built-in phone magnetic sensor to detect metals like iron and steel.

Make sure to use the app only a few feet away from the object. Both iPhone and Android users can download this app for free, but not for the window phone users. You can download this application from Google Play and Apple’s AppStore.

5. Mobile Payments

Apple first introduced paying for bills, fast food or gas; however, Google Wallet has also helped millions of customers to use this feature. The app allows you to make payments where Apple Pay is accepted or wireless payments are allowed.

Simply add your bank account or credit card details in Google Wallet and tap the payment terminal with your smartphone to pay instantly for thousands of consumer goods across the country.

6. Scan Barcodes

Do you want to check the price of an item placed on a shelf? Take out your smartphone, use QR Code Scanner, and get all the useful information about the product including reviews, prices and other product details.

QR Code Scanner will recognize popular barcode types including ISBN, UPC, and EAN. Make sure that the lighting conditions are good enough to recognize the barcode. Android users can download the app here.

7. Search Anything with Google Voice

Whether you are looking for a holiday package, flight time or latest deals on electronics, you can instantly search anything using your voice. Google Voice can give updates regarding driving time, search for nearby hotels, book your flight and allow you to board with a barcode without having a printed boarding pass.

You can also search through Google Mail to find shipment tracking numbers. Name anything you can and information will be pulled out in a matter of seconds.