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9 Best Internet of Things Devices You Must Try

The Internet of Things is evolving at a rapid pace and with the passage of time; the number is continuing to grow. It has been called the next level industrial revolution. Companies like Qualcomm, Apple and LogMeIn are on top of the list by introducing IoT on their own connected devices such as Apple Watch Series, connected vacuum cleaner, sensors and chips.

It is expected that a number of organizations from government to business will develop a market of $9 trillion, which will be constituted from 212 billion things making up the global internet of things in 2020 (TheJournal)

The article is not written for the purpose of telling the basics of IoT, statistics, and forecast- you might not be interested in boring figures and the nitty-gritty of IoT.

However, you might be interested in knowing the best Internet of Things devices you might be interested in buying in the future. Without further ado, let us move on to the future of things devices- I mean Internet of Things.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a smart device allowing you to monitor your dog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and set health goals. For instance, it can help you figure out the amount of time dog spent on playing, sleeping and staying active.

Moreover, it allows you to compare the activities with similar dogs and help you make better decisions. The FitBark dog activity monitor is compact and beautiful with only 8 grams weight, rugged and waterproof material.

Sonos Music System

When it comes to IoT devices, music cannot be ignored by any mean. Sonos Music System is a wireless home sound system that combines all your music collection, radio or podcasts in a single app. With the help of dedicated wireless network, you can play from different areas of your home perfectly synchronized all throughout your space whether it be a house, office or conference room. Easy toset upp, you can enjoy listening anything you want, from podcasts to audiobooks and speech to music.


Saving energy never goes out of style when Nest Thermostat is here to control the temperature of your house. The auto-schedule feature allows you to set the temperature you like and the rest is handled by Nest itself. Moreover, if you are out of the home, Nest will automatically turn off to help you save on electricity bills.

The Nest Thermostat comes with a remote control that can be easily controlled from your tablet, smartphone or laptop through a WIFI connection. In addition, you will see a leaf when you set the temperature that saves you energy. Nest guides you in the right direction to help you stay energy efficient.

AirQuality Egg

Health enthusiasts are always looking for the quality of food they consume, the water they drink and air they breathe. Living in an urban area is always a big concern for health enthusiasts as they are vigilant to know the quality of the air they breathe.

The air quality Egg is a complex device allowing you to measure the quality of air in your environment and let you share it with the online community in real-time. The system comprises of outdoor sensors with an RF transmitter, allowing it to send air quality data wirelessly into the Egg. The data is then sent to Xively, which stores the information and shares it with the community.


Lockitron may not be the first smart lock device out there, but the innovative IoT device is a unique product to secure and protect your home and office. The device is meant to offer keyless entry in the house, using your smartphone.

You can also check if the door is locked while you are out. A notification will be sent to you if you forgot to lock your door. The device works well with both Android and iOS operating systems. Lockitron comes with an intelligent power management to ensure long lasting battery life.

LG Smart Thinq

LG is the pioneer in introducing Internet of Things in home appliances and LG Smart Thinq is one of them. The line of products under the umbrella of Smart Thinq currently comprises of four product categories, but more will be introduced as the consumer’s interest increases over time. Washing machines, oven, dryers and refrigerators are connected to the internet to control the effects and save money.

Smart Garage Controller

Getting out of your car to close the door and open it after arriving is something very annoying. But not anymore because the smart garage door controller Garageio will help you open and close garage door with a mobile app.

It also notifies you if you have left your garage door open. Moreover, the garage door access can be given to any person, whom you trust. Garageio claims that they want to deliver quality and satisfaction through one product rather than overloading it with features. The products have out of the box integration with Amazon Echo and IFTTT.

Smart Running Shoes

Under Armour, a sportswear company introduced innovative running shoes with built-in tracking hardware in the shoes themselves. Unlike any other fitness tracker is worn on the wrist, SpeedForm Gemini 2 running shoes are proficient in tracking time, distance covered and split times.

Moreover, it is integrated with MapMyRun to offer GPS data for your runs. Regarding the battery charging, the company claims that the battery for the smart technology will last as long as the shoes are useful.

Xfinity Home products

Xfinity Home Products by Comcast is all about controlling your home in a smart way. The services can be availed on monthly plans based on your preferences. Secure and Control plan provides automation for temperature and lights along with fire and break-ins. The cost-effective Home Control Plan also offers the money-saving plan on your bills.

What have you decided, either to go for smart security, your dog’s fitness or hi-fi speakers? No matter, whatever you choose, your life will get much easier. The Internet of Things is going to be the future of technology and the possibilities are that everyone will opt out for some of the latest IoT devices.


The Internet of Things is transforming the way we work, we play or we interact. From offices to homes and personal use to the corporate and retail sector, IoT helps us connect with people, streamline our business and save time. The IoT devices listed above is a must try for everyone in 2017 and later years to know how you could be part of the interconnected world.

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