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Why Did Adobe Acquire Magento?

Today, Adobe made an announcement of acquiring Magento for $1.68 billion. This purchase provides Adobe an omitted e-commerce platform part that works in B2C and B2B context. It must also fit well in the company’s Experience Cloud.

In addition, it must assist Adobe contest with Salesforce, which provides its own sales, services and marketing offerings in the cloud. It also purchased Demandware for more than $2 billion in 2016 to give a comparable set of functionality.

Adobe has declared it will get Magento Commerce, and fold the guzzled company’s platform into its Experience Cloud.

Magento began its operations as an open-source web platform that merged e-commerce and content management. This is an approach that streamlined issues significantly for small business and enticed plenty of larger users also. The open source form continues, however, a form named “Magento Commerce” is more protuberant and is inclined and supported by Magento Commerce, Inc, which provides a Magento Commerce Cloud that distributes Magento-as-a-service.

The anticipated result is a single cloud platform that permits developers to create the user interface and user experience of an e-commerce website. It manages content flows to said site, receive payments, examine its performance, schedule ads and measure their effectiveness also.

Adobe describes it as one platform that serves both B2C and B2B customers worldwide.

This deal of US $1.68bn has been finalized to transform this dream into a reality. It seems that a decent amount is paid. This is because there are more than 300,000 Magento developers out there. They will now certainly get an introduction to Adobe and its set of services.

Both companies consider it as a cheerful good idea, and they are creating all the usual noises regarding positive collaborations.

The CEO of Magento Mark Lavelle will continue to lead its team as part of Adobe’s Digital Experience business. However, the executive general manager of Adobe Brad Rencher will be his boss.

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