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Asus H370 Motherboard: Crypto Mining Motherboard Supporting 20 GPUs

The rise of cryptocurrencies had given rise to the mining machines that require high power consumption. New companies emerged and offered services to crypto miners to avail opportunity in order to mine coins and save electricity bills. Most of the individuals also built their own system to mine cryptocurrencies and benefit most out of the currency.

Asus comes with a big announcement about H370 Mining Master Motherboard, made specifically for crypto mining and not for gamers. The motherboard supports up to 20 graphics cards along with updated connectivity by letting the USB riser cables to plug directly into PCB over PCIe. The motherboard will be unveiling at the Computer tradeshow in Taipei next week.

The new addition to the existing product line by Asus will help mining fanatic to get most out of their money spent. A person can go for multiple GPUs to a single card, without needing to buy another board in order to install more GPUs and run mining rigs.

Asus said in a press release that “Mining is a numbers game; it’s only worthwhile if the value of cryptocurrency you generate exceeds the cost of producing it”.

In order to support mining, H370 can be linked to three power supply units all at the same time through a trio of 24 pin primary power connectors. The board also comprises of “GPU State Detection” that comes with a diagnostic feature, allowing it to scan graphics cards for any error on boot up.

The price has not yet been revealed by Asus until now but will make its way to the shelves in the year’s third quarter for the North American market. However, looking at the current scenario, there are boards available on the market ranging from $50 to $400. We can expect the price of Asus Motherboard to be falling in that range when it becomes available in the third quarter of 2018.

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