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3 Things To Happen When Blockchain Tech and AI Collide

One emerging technology swaps with another frequently in this cutthroat world. Just think about your camera, Rolodex or alarm clock. And as for cassette players and fax machines? No one is actually bothered about them. However, sometimes various technologies can actually balance each other, instead of replacing and removing.

Presently, in almost the mid of 2018, we are standing on the point of never-ending possibilities. We are unaware of the far-reaching implications of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, when these both powerhouse technologies collide, astounding results are likely to occur.

Let’s have a quick glance over three things that are going happen if blockchain tech and AI collide.

1. A Tailor-Made Travel Experience

If you want to avoid technology when you are on a vocation, technology can help you in this situation. It seems illogical but it’s true. There are companies that are creating a travel ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence and data science. In this way, you will be able to personalize your travel experience and make your vacation more elevating and relaxing. You can also have an unfulfilling and adrenaline-packed vocation which is entirely dependent on your preferences.

Therefore, if you waste valued tanning time arguing what to do and where to visit, the amalgamation of AI and blockchain technology can match you with the top sites to go as per your tastes. The technology supporting it learns over time regarding your preferences. This will save you from the disturbance of lining up to witness a monument that leaves you less than mesmerized.

In addition, blockchain module encourages travelers with a token-based loyalty rewards schemes, encompassing flight and hotel upgrades, compensation for leaving reviews and peer-to-peer exchanges.

2. Blockchain-Powered Chatbots

These days, we have witnessed people who are more interested in speaking to the computers as compared to the human beings. This has enabled the proliferation of the chatbot technology. However, now they are powered by blockchain technology. Now, the question arises how blockchain technology will work in corporation with AI-powered chatbots? The answer is, by beginning to guarantee the integrity of the data.

Nowadays, startups are more into developing blockchain-powered chatbots for multi-media analysis and texts. In this you will not have to read the complete document, in fact, you can just walk away with the highlights. This is a very exciting news for idle students and time-pressed executives.

This is because the blockchain powered chatbot analyzes a multimedia file, web link and a multimedia file takes out its main ideas and compiles them into the form of a short story. Using blockchain services assist us to gather more accurate information for training, with blockchain protocols to authenticate data label quality, guaranteeing the correct datasets possible.

3. Preventing Attacks Before They Happen

Artificial intelligence joined with blockchain can stop the particular undesirable event from happening, at least when it comes to cybersecurity.

Tran is the Vice President and Head of Global Cyber Defense & Security Strategy for Worldpay. It delivers secure payment services for large and small businesses, comprising of telephone payments, payments online and card machines. According to him, blockchain and AI can become a symbiotic amalgamation for cybersecurity where the right hand is always aware of the activities of the left hand. It will do the entire checking and be balancing to provide observing, visibility and early discovery.

In addition to this, blockchain tech and AI are vital in safeguarding the Internet of Things. The amalgamation of unchallengeable individuality and blockchain-based reputation will assist protect healthcare IoT. Particularly when united with machine learning and artificial intelligence that can classify abnormal device behavior, personality and status will give the sort of actual protection compulsory to protect the Internet of Things.

Presently, more and more companies are in the way of developing intelligent cybersecurity. This involves combining AI with blockchain technology to fight future and current cyber-attacks. The combination of artificial intelligence with big data and block is an entirely new paradigm for cyber protection.

In the end, from data analysis to travel, cybersecurity and crime detection, blockchain and AI are being witnessed as a winning pair. However, they can advance to a place they can stop real-world events from occurring to reading our mind. Almost ten years ago, people would have made fun of me for making such statement. Presently, I am not so sure.

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