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Chatbots in Healthcare: What are the Hidden Opportunities for Patients and Doctors?

Robots are likely to replace humans in every sector eventually. The reason is that it reduces the time and cost and the probability of errors are quite meek. When we talk about the healthcare industry in the present world, robots are now conducting surgeries instead of doctors. In the recent years, the AI chatbots are being widely adopted by healthcare professionals to provide better assistance and medical facilities. However, still in the early phase of implementation, chatbot market is likely to reach $1.25 billion by 2025.

Moreover, Average time saving per chatbot inquiry when compared with traditional call centers is 4 plus minutes in chatbots for the banking & healthcare sectors. By 2022 $8 billion in cost savings is expected

A number of healthcare centers, private clinics, and nursing homes use online chatbot for healthcare. The purpose of these chatbots is to help patients find the doctor, schedule their appointment and recommend medicines based on their illness.

Keeping in view the above scenario, the process is quite complicated if being conducted by humans. In addition, doctors have to check on the recoveries, patient report and analyzing drug reaction, which might lead to mistakes and ultimately lead to the patient’s death. AI chatbot can optimize the process and lead to the less human effort.

In this article, we will analyze the key areas where chatbots come to rescue healthcare professionals and patients. Let’s get started.

Engagement with Patient and lead Generation

Engagement with patients can be associated with user engagement. Sounds weird but as a matter of fact, healthcare is a multibillion-dollar industry and remains a business as long as people are looking for treatment. As a practitioner, you might be using traditional marketing tactics, for instance, word of mouth, reaching out to people in the community and building strong clientele through referral. No doubt, it requires time and most of all big budget.

Chatbots, on the other hand, can prove to be the game changer, as the practitioner can integrate AI chatbot on the website, leading to increased client’s engagement at a minimal cost. People who are surfing website to know about their disease can have the direct conversation with these chatbots.

Chatbot must include symptoms checking questioner to help them know about their disease. Moreover, these chatbots can also book an appointment with the doctor without any time constraints or working hours. Hence, chatbots lead to lower cost, higher interaction and more engagement.

Drugs Recommendation and Information

Chatbots are helpful in engaging patients without the presence at a clinic or hospital. In emergency cases, chatbots can recommend patients drugs and medicines based on their medical record and prescribe medicines suitable for them. Moreover, pharmacies can incorporate chatbots as a means to a low-cost networking tool.

People spend a lot of time online surfing to get credible information about their illness. From symptoms to treatment, everything is available with a few clicks. However, there are several possibilities that patient can’t decide on what medicines should be taken and how illness can be cured.

It is better to go for AI chatbot development that is programmed to answer queries on drugs and medicines, their ingredients, recommended dosage and side effects. In addition, the chatbots can also schedule an appointment with the nearest doctor available in the local area.

Assist Patients with Medical Equipment

Patients are not always looking for drug recommendations. Sometimes they are in need of medical equipment such as oxygen cylinder. Hospitals and healthcare centers can deploy the information into their existing chatbot and widen the scale of patients they can engage with, which might result in getting more appointments.

On the contrary, manufacturers of medical equipment can develop a chatbot to answer queries, resulting in reducing the number of customer support call. It will not only help them in saving time and resources but also scale up their business and market their offerings.


AI chatbots are disrupting many industries including healthcare. Chatbots would definitely prove to be the game changer, especially when the cost of medical bills are soaring high. Moreover, due to the increasing population and inaccessibility to doctors, people would have easy access to healthcare along with personalized health tips. The future of chatbots is bright with the healthcare industry to revolutionize with the passage of time.

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