Careers - IQVIS Inc.


Be part of a progressive organization which values talent like an asset. If you have the right attitude and skills set, we welcome you onboard.

Grow Big with IQVIS

People at IQVIS do not create products or design solutions – they create a new way of thinking and handling a problem. Our diversity, creativity, and teamwork has inspired innovation across the value chain for nearly a decade. From amazing technology products to industry-specific and need-based solutions, team IQVIS has delivered some stunning work. Join hands with IQVIS to create a wonder-world that looks better, smarter, and agile.

Let’s grow together!

IQVIS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to diversity.
We do take affirmative action while offering employment opportunities to all applicants, including women, minorities, and special people.
We do not discriminate or retaliate against applicants on the basis of their ethnicity, background, religion, gender, or culture.

Life at IQVIS

At IQVIS, we care about well-being and healthy living of our people. In order to ensure a healthy work-life balance, we have introduced a unique culture exhibiting a mixture of fun, friendliness and professionalism. Here is just a short glimpse of what we offer to our resources from the day they join our team.

Monetary Benefits

We offer market competitive compensation and salaries. In addition to this, our team members receive performance based incentives and annual raises.

Medical Benefits

As a company, we take care of our people’s health. We do it by offering medical leaves & monetary cover to our employees, their spouses & kids.

Paid Leaves

From the day one, every resource is entitled to receive 28 paid leaves in a calendar year. In case of serious illness, the leave can be extended further.

Sports Events

The company organizes various sports, fun and networking events to boost wellbeing, productivity, and network of the team.

Training & Development

Constant learning is core to IQVIS’s DNA. As an employee, you will receive a range of training and learning opportunities here.

Sponsored Trips

Coding is not boring when it’s coupled with fun factors. IQVIS ensures this by offers paid trips to employees, at least once every calendar year.

What We Look For?

We are looking for the people with right attitude, knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you possess those, you are the resource we are looking for.