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Migrating organization’s data securely and seamlessly on cloud can be challenging especially when there is a risk of downtime and high cost. IQVIS offers one-stop solution to migrate data seamlessly through state of the art technologies.

Cloud Migration

Migrating data, apps or entire IT system from data center to cloud can be quite risky, costly and involves many technical processes. IQVIS, a well-known IT solution provider will help migrate your data seamlessly on cloud swiftly, reliably and cost effectively without compromising on security. Our team of professionals are well versed with latest Cloud Migration tools, and will adopt best practices to optimize the entire process while reducing the risk of data loss, downtime and security issues.

What We Do

IQVIS is a leading IT solution provider with over 10 years of experience and global clientele. Our cloud migration services offer a secure, seamless and quick migration of your data to the cloud. Our team will work with you to assess your needs and ensure state of the art technology to migrate your data successfully. No matter, what cloud capabilities you are willing to adopt, our professionals will scrutinize the best option in order to meet your overall requirements and budget. We offer a homogeneous and repeatable framework to help you migrate applications, configurations data and operating systems based on your organization’s needs and requirements.

Need-Based Solutions

We understand the diverse nature of businesses and help our clients to adopt flawless and well-optimized cloud solution without compromising on security. Our cloud migration solutions that is flexible and scalable will help you migrate your data with minimum downtime, reduced installation cost and least maintenance.

Customized Planning

If you are looking for something else, apart from what we offer, do not worry, because our well-trained professionals will help you customize the plan accordingly. After looking at your requirements, we will assess the feasibility of your requirements, devise a plan and offer you custom-made plan at a price you can afford.

IQVIS helps you in building, re-platforming and integrating applications on PaaS technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Windows Azure, Force and Google. Our services come with backed guarantee. We know our customized solutions have worked for every client and will work for you too.

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