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Get highly integrated, enterprise-focused Microsoft solutions and empower your business to meet expectations. Our Microsoft solutions offer an extraordinary collaboration capability to your business process through our extensive experience.

Microsoft Consulting

We’ve been working on Microsoft technology since its inception. Get in touch with our Microsoft Experts for Content & Collaboration, custom app development, analytics or SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint Solutions

Our experience with SharePoint infrastructure, environment, administration, adoption, migration, and branding can help you make the best use of extensive collaboration technology stack.

Business Intelligence

Combine and manage your data, discover insights through interactive reporting, and take necessary bussiness decision. Move into more collaborative environment and simplify your teamwork.

Providing full-scale Microsoft Business Solutions to boost your enterprise productivity. Whether you’re a small organization or large one, it doesn’t matter. Microsoft Experts at IQVIS are well-positioned and experienced to provide you the best quality and custom Microsoft solutions that fulfill your organizational needs.

Many enterprises need an extensive collaboration and productivity technology stack to meet their internal/external business needs. Microsoft SharePoint can prove crucial for their process efficiency and business needs. If you’re looking for the same, you’ve landed on the right place. We have great experience in providing services for Microsoft Stack products.

Our Microsoft Experts have blend of business & technology expertise and follow industry’s best practices to deliver a reliable, fast and secure Microsoft solution. Whether it’s a core product development, custom app development, database design, system study and analysis or Microsoft cloud integration; we are here to help you across the way.

We deliver end-to-end Microsoft solutions like; Microsoft apps, SharePoint migration and branding, user experience management, content and collaboration, business intelligence and analytics, data management and integration, and Managed enterprise services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, talk to our Microsoft Experts.

At IQVIS, we’ve consistently maintained and developed cost-effective and efficient business models for our clients. Our mission is to enable you achieve your business goals through the innovative use of latest technologies but without compromising on your standards. However, our quest for quality keeps the financial aspects of the solution in sight. This ensures that you receive the best quality but affordable technology solution.

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