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Apple Wants To Discontinue Its App Store Affiliate Program

Apple has just announced that it will not continue its affiliation program for apps. This is expected to shake the mobile app ecosystem.

Beginning from the Oct.1, Apple will remove its all Mac apps, iOS apps and in-store app purchases from its affiliate programs. The company will discontinue its payout commissions to third-parties who give Apple sales for any and all of those things. All other use store content, such as books, music, TV shows and movies, will continue to be the part of an affiliate program.

As per Apple’s perspective, this decision to remove apps from its affiliate program is because of the revamping and relaunching of the App Store, complete with actual human editors, who focus on the discovery of famous apps and news.

As a consequence, the majority of the people on the social media are angry. This app affiliate program empowered the majority of the third-part, totally independent from Apple, websites to write regarding and fairly review Mac and iOS apps. These outlets – websites such as AppAdvice, Touch Arcade, and AppShopper- were able to tolerate app reviews and regular coverage due in major part to the finance generated from the apps purchased from their affiliate links.

Editor-in-chief at TouchAracde pointed out that some of the websites will be affected by this move of Apple. Game developers and Indie iOS app would also be negatively affected.

Apple’s concentration on discovering in its App store may be an appropriate move. However, it is never going to cover less popular developers from the third-party and independent websites. In addition, it will be able to afford to keep a sharing commission of 2.5 to 7 percent from its app profits, on the day Apple becomes the world’s first trillion dollar company. This can be done through indie websites that drive the sales.

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